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Suay Sorn Kom-
Suay Sorn Kom - Drama

Title: Suay Sorn Kom 2019

Genre: Drama/Romance

Released: 2019

Country: Thailand

Cruel Seduction / Suay Sorn Khom / สวยซ่อนคม

Description :

"I will come back and get vengeance. You guys will not die pretty." Were the words of Jia Ing, who was filled with vengeance and anger, as fire consumed her soul. Jia Ing was forced out of the house with her mother and another mistress of Jao Sua Sian, when they did nothing wrong. Jia Ing would later return as Ping the eldest daughter of Jao Sua and the main wife. She has returned to get her vengeance as she once uttered.

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