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Spring Subway-
Spring Subway - Movie

Title: Spring Subway 2002

Genre: Drama/Romance

Released: 2002

Country: Chinese

Description :

The story begins with a "white lie". Jian Bin (Geng Le) has been unemployed for three months but cannot bring himself to tell his wife of seven years (Xu Jung Lei). Their relationship has begun to shut down, with only their ability to talk about the most banal topics. Every morning he puts on a suit and tie, takes his briefcase, and pretends to leave for work. But instead of going to work, he spends the day riding the subway. In the subway, the camera discovers other couples and other worlds. Each pair has a different rhythm and a different way of communicating. Meanwhile, Jian Bin becomes desperate as he begins to run out of money and excuses. In turn, we also learn that his wife has her secrets too. A wonderful and critically acclaimed motion picture that did well in the Festival circuit, this movie will suit the International audience well. Check references for Movie Reviews.

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