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Song Ga In The Drama (2021)-송가인 더 드라마
Song Ga In The Drama (2021) - Movie

Title: 송가인 더 드라마(Song Ga In The Drama (2021), Movie, 2021)

Genre: Musical

Released: 2021

Country: Korean

송가인 더 드라마 / Songgain Deo Deurama

Description :

Song Ga-in’s solo concert who wrote the trot myth!

At that trembling moment, her real story unfolds!

Audition program to find the next generation of trot stars, the protagonist of Korea's trot syndrome.

[Miss Trot] Song Ga-in's solo concert!

The hot moment that Song Ga-in shared with 4,200 fans.

That vivid day on the screen!

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