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Solomon no Gisho (2021)-
Solomon no Gisho (2021) - Drama

Title: Solomon no Gisho (2021) 2021

Genre: Investigation/Mystery/Novel/School/Sci-fi/Thriller

Released: 2021

Country: Japanese

ソロモンの偽証 / Soromon no Gisho / Solomon's Perjury

Description :

On Christmas morning, Fujino Ryoko finds her classmate Kashiwagi Takuya’s dead body at their snow covered school. The police and the school conclude that Kashiwagi Takuya died by suicide. At that time, an anonymous letter is delivered to Fujino Ryoko. The letter states that Kashiwagi Takuya was murdered by a group of students including Ooide Shunji. The media and SNS begin to question whether Kashiwagi Takuya really died by suicide or was he murdered. The school principal tries to take control of the narrative, but this leads to a more chaotic situation.

Fujino Ryoko is disturbed by people's reaction to Kashiwagi Takuya’s death. She asks for a trial and an unprecedented school trial begins.

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