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Smart Kid (2001)-
Smart Kid (2001) - Drama

Title: Smart Kid (2001) 2001

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Released: 2001

Country: Chinese

机灵小不懂 / Ji Ling Xiao Bu Dong / Yi Xiu He Shang / Ji Ling Xiao He Shang / Ji Ling Xiao Zi / Xue Tang Wei Long / Kai Xin Shu Yuan / 一休和尚 / 机灵小和尚 / 机灵小子 / 學堂威龍 / 開心書院

Description :

Bu Dong is a smart and witty monk who has a mysterious connection to the Ming Emperor. He becomes the unconventional teacher of a group of chaotic students, one of whom is the Crown Prince. At first, the students are rude and mischievous, but eventually, Bu Dong gains their trust and slowly changes their attitudes with his good intentions and heart of gold.

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