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Slate (2021)-슬레이트
Slate (2021) - Movie

Title: 슬레이트(Slate (2021), Movie, 2021)

Genre: Action/Drama/Fantasy/Sci-fi

Released: 2021

Country: Korean

슬레이트 / Seulleiteu

Description :

Since she was a child, Yeon-hee dreamt of becoming an action star. Even though she has an amazing swordsmanship, the reality of reaching her goal is just too hard for her to handle.

One day, she is hired as a stand-in for an action film and goes onto the set, only to be transported to a lawless parallel world where people carry swords and kill each other without any retribution. Almost immediately, she is welcomed to the village as their protector and is respected by the villagers. And to save the villagers as a heroine, she begins to fight the villains back.

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