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Shotgun Love-사랑이 무서워
Shotgun Love - Movie

Title: 사랑이 무서워(Shotgun Love, Movie, 2011)

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Released: 2011

Country: Korean

사랑이 무서워 / Sarangyi Museowi

Description :

Sang-Yeol (Lim Chang Jung) isn't particularly attractive, possesses a college degree or has any sense for fashion. He works as a model for a home shopping channel, specifically for kitchen products. Sang-Yeol also has a mad crush on popular model So-Yeon (Kim Gyu-Ri), who also works for the home shopping channel. Unfortunately, So-Yeon dislikes Sang-Yeol.

Then on a rainy night, So-Yeon calls Sang-Yeol to meet for drinks. The next morning, Sang-Yeol finds himself naked in a motel room. Although Sang-Yeol can't remember what happened the night before he assumes that he slept with So-Yeon, because the front desk confirmed that he came in with a woman.

Meanwhile, So-Yeon finds herself pregnant. Her boyfriend PD Park (Kim Tae-Hun) pushes So-Yeon to have an abortion. So-Yeon wants to have the baby so she implies to naive Sang-Yeol that she is pregnant with his baby ....

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