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Shin Ma-jeok: Stand-up Eom Dong-ok-신마적: 독불장군 엄동욱
Shin Ma-jeok: Stand-up Eom Dong-ok - Movie

Title: 신마적: 독불장군 엄동욱(Shin Ma-jeok: Stand-up Eom Dong-ok, Movie, 2019)

Genre: Action/Drama

Released: 2019

Country: Korean

신마적: 독불장군 엄동욱 / Shin Ma Jeok: Dok Bul Jang Gun Eom Dong Wook / Shin Ma Jeok: Stand-up Eom Dong Ok

Description :

The age of wild men begins, as Kim Doo Han, the Lynx, Goo Ma Heok, Ssang Kal and Shin Mae Jeok take over Jongno. Eom Dong Wook, who was being chased by the pólice for taking revenge on the Japanese who bullied his friend, decides to punish the Japanese with one blow.

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