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She is Untouchable (2021)-
She is Untouchable (2021) - Drama

Title: She is Untouchable (2021) 2021

Genre: Drama/Romance

Released: 2021

Country: Chinese

无法触碰的她 / Wu Fa Chu Peng De Ta / Can't Touch Her / Untouchable Star

Description :

Two years ago, popular actress Shu Xing attended a dinner party where she was framed for murder. The public's opinion of her instantly fell, as she fell into the abyss. After dormant for two years, she made a domineering comeback, vowing to find the truth of the year back, so that all those who did wrong will be punished! As the plan unfolded, the secrets hidden by Ling Yun, Guangyue, Su Yu, Molly and others gradually emerged. Ex-boyfriend Gu Chen and current boyfriend Jingming were also involved....Faced with the chaotic and complex emotions, how will everyone complete their salvation?

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