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Shanghai Fortress-
Shanghai Fortress - Movie

Title: Shanghai Fortress 2019

Genre: Action/Fantasy/Military/Sci-fi/Suspense

Released: 2019

Country: Chinese

上海堡垒 / Shanghai Hai Bao Lei

Description :

In 2035, alien dark forces raided the earth in an attempt to capture the survival of mankind. Energy treasures, the earth where the energy is located, have been hit hard in turn. The borders of the country were broken, and the elites of various countries formed a joint army. Humanity united against alien invaders and established an energy bastion called "bubble defense" in the few remaining energy cities to defend against alien attacks. With the fall of the fortress cities of New York, Tokyo, New Delhi and so on, Shanghai has become the last hope of mankind. College student Jiang Yang (Lu han) followed the female commander Lin (Shu Qi ) into the Shanghai Fortress to become a commander. Alien forces continue to launch a violent attack, Lin was ordered to protect the secret weapon of repelling aliens. Jiang Yang and several friends’ "Grey Eagle Squad" will face the alien invaders and defend the human race in Shanghai.

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