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Shadow Beauty (2021)-그림자 미녀
Shadow Beauty (2021) - Drama

Title: 그림자 미녀(Shadow Beauty (2021), Drama, 2021)

Genre: Drama/Romance/School/Web Series

Released: 2021

Country: Korean

그림자 미녀 / Geulimja Minyeo / False Beauty

Description :

Because of her looks, Koo Ae Jin is bullied at school and even insulted by strangers. But after school, she leads a secret life: with heavy makeup and hours of photo editing, she lives as Genie, a social media star with 770K followers. While Koo Ae Jin is toeing the line between her true self and Genie, what will happen when a boy from school discovers her secret?

Adapted from the webtoon "Shadow Beauty" (그림자 미녀) by Ahum (아흠).

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