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Set Play (2020)-세트플레이
Set Play (2020) - Movie

Title: 세트플레이(Set Play (2020), Movie, 2020)

Genre: Drama

Released: 2020

Country: Korean

세트플레이 / Seteupeullei

Description :

If there was someone who cared for me, the things would have been much better.

Sung-chul met his fellow ki-joon today. They're just two young reckless high school boys. Sung-chul never liked ki-jun but he needs him to make money. Sung-chul sleeps with ladies and ki-jun takes photos in secret to blackmail. Sung-chul causes the lady cry, ki-jun calms her down and negotiates for the money. They’re just a perfect team. No one ever tells Sung-chul what to or not to do. His brother became handicapped by his drunken father’s own hand, and since then, Sung-chul’s mother has desperately taken care of his brother. On the edge of becoming major, Sung-chul finds that his only friend You-sun slept with ki-jun, and his mother tries to put him out of their rental apartment.

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