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Secret Royal Inspector Joy (2021)-어사조이뎐
Secret Royal Inspector Joy (2021) - Drama

Title: 어사조이뎐(Secret Royal Inspector Joy (2021), Drama, 2021)

Genre: Comedy/Detective/Drama/Historical/Investigation/Mystery/Teamwork

Released: 2021

Country: Korean

어사와 조이 / 어사조이뎐 / Eosajoidyeon / Eosajoidian / Eosawa Joyi / Tale of Secret Agent and Joy / Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi / Inspector Joy / Royal Secret Inspector Joy

Description :

A comedic, historical period drama that centers around an intelligent but lazy secret agent, and a divorcee woman who holds beliefs ahead of her times while searching for her happiness.

Ra Yi Eon is a grade 6 civil servant agent. Despite having goals to spend his days selling dumplings in a small shop set up within the territories outside of palace grounds, his sharp intelligence leads him to be offered a high position as a civil servant agent, where he is immediately given a mission to tackle. One trait of him is that after leaving his work right on time every day, he likes to roll around in his house while snacking on steamed dumplings.

Kim Jo Yi is a passionate woman who is ahead of her time. She is a realist who believes that people can get divorced. She lives in an era when women can’t even be part of the family registry, but she dreams of getting divorced and having a fresh start in life.

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