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Secret Love (2010)-비밀애
Secret Love (2010) - Movie

Title: 비밀애(Secret Love (2010), Movie, 2010)

Genre: Coma/Drama/Mature/melodrama/Romance

Released: 2010

Country: Korean

비밀애 / Bimilae

Description :

2 months after their wedding, Yeon Yi's (Yoon Jin Seo) husband Jin Woo (Yoo Ji Tae)gets into an accident and falls into a coma. During this time, Yeon Yi's life shatters from the seams. She misses her deadlines for work, while she has only videos of her wedding to comfort her. Then Yeon Yi waits at the airport for Jin Woo's brother Jin Ho (Yoo Ji Tae), whom she has never met before. She is stunned when she meets him, because Yeon Yi never knew Jin Woo and Jin Ho are identical twin brothers. Although Jin Ho and Yeon Yi's relationship is cold at first. they soon become attracted to each other. Their relationship becomes even more volatile, when Jin Woo suddenly awakes from his coma.

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