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Second Chance (2021)-
Second Chance (2021) - Drama

Title: Second Chance (2021) 2021

Genre: BL/Romance

Released: 2021

Country: Thailand

Second Chance The Series จังหวะจะรัก

Description :

Many people have come across a story that is devastating in the life of 'Sky', a young boy who recently lost his father. The person who made him go through various stories apart from him was 'Paper', a close friend of the sky's children. They both helped each other all the time. Until one day, the relationship they had with each other began to develop even more. And it made it up to the day to break 'Jeno' who was attacked by a loved one. Makes him not believe in love again Until he meets with 'Chris' Chris tries to make Jeno open up once more. The whole thing is getting chaotic in this high school. The incident Failed the first time trying to make it good So each person waited for the second time. In order to concentrate on accomplishing what he wants It is a rhythm that everyone will try to love again.

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