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Sasurai Onsen – Endou Kenichi-
Sasurai Onsen – Endou Kenichi - Drama

Title: Sasurai Onsen – Endou Kenichi 2019

Genre: Comedy

Released: 2019

Country: Japanese

さすらい温泉♨遠藤憲一 / Sasurai Onsen

Description :

Endo Kenichi is rumoured to have announced his retirement from acting. Staff head somewhere to uncover the truth, only to see a shocking sight. Endo has concealed his identity and been working at little-known as well as famous hot springs in various regions across the country as a male attendant. He pokes his nose into the affairs of the imperfect beauties he encounters there and runs around trying to solve their problems. However, he loses his heart to them and gets involved in trivial incidents. Why on earth is he doing this?

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