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Sano Sansar Nepali-
Sano Sansar Nepali - Movie

Title: Sano Sansar Nepali 2008

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Released: 2008

Country: Other Asia

Description :

Sano Sansar (Nepali translation: Small World) is a 2008 Nepali romantic comedy film directed by Alok Nembang. The film has a massive star cast which includes Neer Shah and newcomers Mahesh Shakya ( popularly known Karma), Jivan Luitel and Namrata Shrestha. Sano Sansar is director Alok Nembang's directorial debut and is the second Nepali HD movie made after Kagbeni. The movie is heavily influenced by the Korean movie My Sassy Girl and the English-language movie You've Got Mail

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