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Rule of the Game: Human Hunting (2021)-게임의 법칙: 인간사냥
Rule of the Game: Human Hunting (2021) - Movie

Title: 게임의 법칙: 인간사냥(Rule of the Game: Human Hunting (2021), Movie, 2021)

Genre: Murder/Thriller

Released: 2021

Country: Korean

게임의 법칙: 인간사냥 / Geimui Beobchig: Ingansanyang / The Law of the Game: Hunting for Humans

Description :

Jeong Hwan who has a secret past, faces another group of tourists on a remote island he visited to clean up his past.

In the guest house where everyone stays together, Jeong Hwan feels a strange atmosphere alone and is wary of the guest house’s owner and finds himself as their target.

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