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Ruk Mai Leum-
Ruk Mai Leum - Drama

Title: Ruk Mai Leum 2019

Genre: Drama/Romance

Released: 2019

Country: Thailand

The Long Lost Memory / รักของเราในวันที่ไร้ความทรงจำ / Ruk Kong Rao Nai Wan Tee Rai Kwarm Song Jum / Our Love / In The Day With No Existing Memory / รักไม่ลืม

Description :

Bank, the heir of a millionaire, is being chased by someone who wants to kill him. He was seriously injured, so he hid at the Norah group. Baifern, the daughter of the leader, takes care of him and soon they develop feelings for each other, while he investigates who tried to kill him. Bank decides to go back to Bangkok. He promised Baifern that he will come back to her as soon as he's done, but something happens that parts them away.

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