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Road Kill-로드킬
Road Kill - Movie

Title: 로드킬(Road Kill, Movie, 2019)

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Released: 2019

Country: Korean

로드킬 / Rodeukil

Description :

After a car accident in the mountains, Oh Gwang wakes up in Mr. Jang's house. Oh Gwang, a vicious real estate agent, finds himself rescued by the Jang family who are isolated from society due to heavy rains that cut them off everything, including landlines. The Jangs try to stop Oh Gwang who is in a hurry to leave in order to settle a developing contract. However, he leaves the house anyway and hurts himself. Despite their kindness, the family seems to be hiding from him. Little does he know that a vicious deed from his past involves the family and he's not as safe with them as he seems.

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