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Return of the Cuckoo (2000)-
Return of the Cuckoo (2000) - Drama

Title: Return of the Cuckoo (2000) 2000

Genre: Crime/Family/life/Romance

Released: 2000

Country: Hong Kong

Moonlight of October 5th / Macau Street 2000 / 澳門街 / 十月初五的月光

Description :

As a child, Man Cho was rendered mute as a result of the cruel actions of his mother and was adopted by the kind-hearted Chu Sa Kiu. Man Cho grew up with Sa Kiu's daughter Kwan Ho, and the two eventually develop romantic feelings for one another. Man Cho is extremely self-sacrificing, has an inferiority complex due to his disability, and therefore feels unworthy of Kwan Ho. Sa Kiu is also against their relationship and things are further complicated when Si To Lai Sun enters the picture after falling for Kwan Ho, too.This series was one of the highest rated TVB series in 2000, reaching a peak of 40 points.

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