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Remain (KR 2020)-리메인
Remain (KR 2020) - Movie

Title: 리메인(Remain (KR 2020), Movie, 2020)

Genre: Drama/melodrama/Romance

Released: 2020

Country: Korean

리메인 / Rimein

Description :

Soo Yeon and Se Hyeok have been married for 10 years. Se Hyeok has an aspermia, Soo Yeon has an insensitivity to sex, and they do not have a kid. While their marriage looks comfortable amid economic stability, it is frustrating to Soo Yeon who was once a promising dancer but stopped her career due to an injury. After they moved from Seoul to Busan due to Se Hyeok's work, she starts to teach Joon Hee who once dreamed of being an actor but now has paralysis of her lower body. Remain is about the rupture in life when a person who used to have no sense of life now feels joy of the life through the body. The protagonist who has been injured meets a girl that has more severe injury than she used to. They become self-aware of each other's body and rehabilitate through their mutual body communication. But finally, their body's liberation destroys the existing relationship of their lives.

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