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Reflection of You (2021)-너를 닮은 사람
Reflection of You (2021) - Drama

Title: 너를 닮은 사람(Reflection of You (2021), Drama, 2021)

Genre: Betrayal/Corruption/Drama/Revenge/Thriller

Released: 2021

Country: Korean

너를 닮은 사람 / 아무도 사랑하지 않았다 / Amudo Saranghaji Anhassda / Nobody Loved / I Didn't Love Anyone / Person Who Looks Like You / A Person Who Resembles You / A Person Similar To You / A Person Like You / People Like You / Someone Who Looks Like You / Reflections of You

Description :

The story of the love, betrayal, corruption, and revenge that takes place through the life of a woman who has been faithful to her desire and another woman who has lost the light of life by meeting with her woman.

Hee Joo had a poor and fierce time during her youthful days. She is now a successful painter and essayist. Her husband is the successor of a hospital and they have two children. Her family life seems enviable, but Hee Joo feels like she spends her time meaninglessly. At that time, Hee Joo meets a woman. The woman is poor, just like Hee Joo in her younger days, but she still shines.

Adapted from the novel "Someone Who Looks Like You" by Jung So Hyeon.

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