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Rak Nakara (2017)-
Rak Nakara (2017) - Drama

Title: Rak Nakara (2017) 2017

Genre: Drama/Romance

Released: 2017

Country: Thailand

รากนครา / Tales of the Two Cities

Description :

Jao Noi Sukkawaong, a nobleman, falls in love with Man Muang at first sight. Man Muang has a half-sister called Ming La. Ming La's mother doesn't want Man Muang to be more well known than her daughter, so she orders Man Muang around and force her to do everything for Ming La. When Ming La sees the nobleman, she falls in love with him, which causes Man Muang to steps back forher sister. How will the love between the nobleman and Man Muang survive all the hardships and obstacles ahead?

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