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Ra Raerng Fai 2017-
Ra Raerng Fai 2017 - Drama

Title: Ra Raerng Fai 2017 2017

Genre: Drama/Romance

Released: 2017

Country: Thailand

ระเริงไฟ / Rapturous Flame / Indulgence in Fire / Playful Flame / Dancing Lights

Description :

Yada's father frames Chakrit's father for murder and has him arrested. Years later, Chakrit wants revenge on Yada's family. He starts by seducing Yada's sister, then abandoning her on their wedding day, embarrassing her and the family in front of guests. Yada is very angry at the man who hurt her family and wants revenge. Yada and Chakrit fight each other on their families' behalf, both of them seeing through the otherperson's tricks. The siblings soon join in, leading to a huge fiasco of revenge, often backfiring on the perpetrators.

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