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Queen (2019)-
Queen (2019) - Drama

Title: Queen (2019) 2019

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Law/Mystery/Suspense

Released: 2019

Country: Japanese

スキャンダル専門弁護士QUEEN / Scandal Senmon Bengoshi QUEEN / Scandal Special Lawyer QUEEN / Lawyer Specializing in Scandal

Description :

The main character Himi Ko is a lawyer who is an expert in the field of crisis management. Her main area of activity is not in a courtroom but within the shadows of many of the big scandals. As a genius "spin doctor", she has managed to solve 99.9% of her client’s issues and requests. If need be, she would even manage to reverse falsehood into justice. And most of all, she has a strong belief in supporting women, especially those who are stuck in a crisis and will go all the way to solve some of the most tricky cases. This is a drama which depicts such a determined character who takes whatever step she needs to help people who are at the edge of their lives!

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