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Planck Constant-플랑크 상수
Planck Constant - Movie

Title: 플랑크 상수(Planck Constant, Movie, 2014)

Genre: Drama/Fantasy/Sci-fi

Released: 2014

Country: Korean

Description :

Kim Woo-Joo (Kim Jae-Wook) goes to a beauty salon to have his hair cut 1mm every day. During his haircut, Kim Woo-Joo imagines the asisstant hairdresser's skirt becoming shorter little by little. At a cafe, he writes down a script by using his erotic imagination on an attractive female employee. Whenever the female employee refills his coffee, surprising things happen to her. At the movies, he stares at a woman sitting next to him. She leaves the theater and he follows her, but she disappears. He climbs to the top a mountain during winter and meets three women. They have a secret conversation, but the three women don't know him.

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