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Piece of Cake-
Piece of Cake - Movie

Title: Piece of Cake 2015

Genre: Drama/Mature/Romance

Released: 2015

Country: Japanese

ピース オブ ケイク / Pisu Obu Keiku

Description :

After leaving an abusive relationship, Shino decides to quit her job and move away to a new area. She gets a part-time job at a local shop and discovers the manager is also her new neighbor, Kyoshiro. Shino finds herself quickly becoming attracted to Kyoshiro, but also knows he lives with his girlfriend Akari, who is almost immediately suspicious of Shino's intentions. With the failure of her last relationship in the forefront of her mind, Shino is hesitant to make more mistakes involving her love life, but must also weigh that against her own desire to find happiness.

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