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Ore no Kawaii wa Mousugu Shohikigen!? (2022)-
Ore no Kawaii wa Mousugu Shohikigen!? (2022) - Drama

Title: Ore no Kawaii wa Mousugu Shohikigen!? (2022) 2022

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Released: 2022

Country: Japanese

俺の可愛いはもうすぐ消費期限!? / Ore no Kawai ha Mousugu Shouhikigen!? / Ore no Kawaii wa Mosugu Shohikigen!? / My Cuteness Is About to Expire!?

Description :

The story features two people who experience their first loves late in life.

Maruya Kosuke is a 29-year-old employee at a beer manufacturer who works in the sales department and comes from a rich family that owns a brewery. Since young, he has been popular thanks to his good looks and always receives confessions of love from women. However, he gets a rude awakening one day when he realises that his cuteness has an expiry date.

Sanada Izumi works as a researcher in the same company as Kosuke and always thinks of herself as being secondary to others due to a past experience.

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