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Ojisan wa Kawaii Mono ga Osuki-
Ojisan wa Kawaii Mono ga Osuki - Drama

Title: Ojisan wa Kawaii Mono ga Osuki 2020

Genre: Comedy

Released: 2020

Country: Japanese

おじさんはカワイイものがお好き。 / My uncle likes cute things / Middle-Aged Man Loves Cute Things / Ojisan wa Kawai Mono ga o Suki / Ojikawa

Description :

Mitsutaka Oji is 43-years-old and works as a sales department manager. He is divorced and lives alone. His colleagues respect him at work, but he has a secret. His secret is that he likes cute things, including dolls of the Pug Taro character. (Source: AsianWiki)~~ Adapted from the manga "Ojisan wa Kawaii Mono ga Osuki" by Tsutomu.

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