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Oh Eun Yeong's Report: Marriage Hell (2022)-
Oh Eun Yeong's Report: Marriage Hell (2022) - Entertainment

Title: Oh Eun Yeong's Report: Marriage Hell (2022) 2022

Genre: Variety

Released: 2022

Country: Korean

Description :

Dr. Oh Eun Yeong, the nation's mentor, takes on married couples in crises this time. Oh Eun Yeong's Report is what one might call a documentary talk show, where the couples seeking counseling come to the studio and share the reasons for their discord, and Dr. Oh provides them with answers and empathy. Along with Dr. Oh who brings her sharp analyses, warm empathy, and clear-cut solutions, the queen of housewives, So Yu Jin, the lovebird husband and father of three, Haha, a veteran of married life, actor Kim Eung Soo, and the hot-issue cast member of Bloody Game, announcer Park Ji Min also join the show to listen to the stories of these couples in crises. Please join in and empathize with the various concerns that these couples have!

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