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No Cheap Way-
No Cheap Way - Movie

Title: No Cheap Way 2014

Genre: Drama/Romance

Released: 2014

Country: Chinese

Description :

Murphy, shouted, blossoming three of the most intimate friend, in order to pursue the same dream to break into the circle model. Murphy is a pretty outgoing, open-minded girl, and soon into the circle. In Murphy's help, shouted and blossoming also successfully entered the circle model. Smart steady temperament extraordinary quickly shouted model favored in circles. Simple and lovely, blossoming though conservative ideology diligence, but has been commonplace. With the kick off of the success, so Murphy mind produce envy, jealousy, hate. Murphy began the psychological distortions, began unlimited indulgence. The blossoming, shouted and model company also caught three brokers Nange indescribable love triangle.

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