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Ninth Happiness-
Ninth Happiness - Movie

Title: Ninth Happiness 1998

Genre: Comedy/Romance/Musical

Released: 1998

Country: Hong Kong

Description :

Ma Lin Da went to Rainbow Village to be an officer with his two brothers, Lin Gu and Lin Chiang. Lin Chiang disliked his brothers' greedy and dishonest behavior of being an officer, he left without saying a word. When Lin Da arrived Rainbow Village, he found that all the villagers were self-restraint, contented and honest. Therefore, Lin Da secretly waited for an opportunity to trap and separate the villagers in order to obtain advantages. One day, Mrs. Minister's beautiful niece, Zhi Yun, met Lin Chiang in the forest. They fell in love with each other at the first sight. In order to cover up his identity, Lin Chiang plays all sort of tricks to his brothers. However, they did not know that Lin Gu already lusted for Zhi Yun's beauty. Meanwhile, the villagers of the Rainbow Village fell into the trap set by the Lin brothers, they became selfish and dishonest. Suddenly, the Rainbow Village full of evil and hatred, all the villagers start feeling discontented........

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