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Namiya - Movie

Title: Namiya 2017

Genre: Fantasy/Mystery

Released: 2017

Country: Taiwanese

解忧杂货店 / Jie You Za Hou Dian / Miracles of the Namiya General Store

Description :

An evocative story that follows three orphaned youths who stumble upon a letter slipped under the door as they hide out in a food store. They write a response thus beginning a correspondence with people from 30 years ago. From a terminally-ill boyfriend, a girl caught between love and passion, an aspiring musician and a student who'd rather quit school and run from home as he deals with his troubles, the movie focuses on simple stories of different individuals who hope for a miracle. They send letters to a nondescript store that was run by Namiya, an elderly man who offered wisdom and heartfelt advice to those who'd listen.

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