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My Sweet Assassin (2022)-
My Sweet Assassin (2022) - Drama

Title: My Sweet Assassin (2022) 2022

Genre: Action/Amnesia/Comedy/Mafia/Romance

Released: 2022

Country: Thailand

เพชฌฆาตจันทร์เจ้า / Petchakard Jun Jao / Bloody Moon

Description :

Duangjan is a cold-blooded, young assassin for a mafia group. One day, due to a failed mission between Duangjan and Lok — an assassin within the same group — Duangjan ends up falling off of a cliff. However, she is saved by the head of the national park, Atiruj. When she wakes up, Atiruj realises that the young woman who he saved has developed amnesia.

The once cold and calculated killer suddenly turns into a cheerful little girl and finds herself not only with a new name "Chao Chao", but also a fake husband, Atiruj — who just so happens to be escaping his mother who was determined to marry someone else.

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