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My Supernatural Power (2020)-
My Supernatural Power (2020) - Drama

Title: My Supernatural Power (2020) 2020

Genre: Crime/Fantasy/Investigation/Romance/Suspense

Released: 2020

Country: Chinese

我有特殊沟通技巧 / Wo You Te Shu Gou Tong Ji Qiao

Description :

A story that follows a detective in the major crimes division of Nan Xing City Police Department. Together with a woman who has super memory, he upholds the law one case at a time in solving murders, burglaries and bringing down a narcotics manufacturing facility.

Jing Chu is a young and capable detective. Due to his repeated merits from cracking big cases, he is promoted to the position of major crimes division vice-captain at Nan Xing city and starts to work alongside his new team. Because of a murder case, he meets Yang Mian Mian, a young woman who possesses a photographic memory. He soon realizes that Mian Mian seems to have a deep connection to his father's mysterious death many years ago.

Meanwhile, a famous blogger and a member of an idol girl group die consecutively. Their cause of death is identified to be due to a medical substance. As the major crimes division launch their investigation, they uncover a dangerous conspiracy that could threaten their own lives.

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