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My Precious Bad Luck (2020)-
My Precious Bad Luck (2020) - Drama

Title: My Precious Bad Luck (2020)

Genre: Comedy/Romance

Country: Thailand

Duang Baeb Nee Mai Mee Ju / ดวงแบบนี้ไม่มีจู๋

Description :

Clumsy Luckkana has always considered herself unlucky. In the hopes of bettering her life, the deeply superstitious Luckkana often seeks fortune tellers. And she believes them unquestioningly. So when a fortuneteller insists that her ex will change her bad luck, Luckkana is determined to find Chokebordee, her nerdy school love. But the ugly duckling became a swan—or in this case a handsome, smart man. He is so transformed that Luckkana almost doesn’t recognize him. When she does, how will their love story continue?

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