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My 11th Mom-열한번째 엄마
My 11th Mom - Movie

Title: 열한번째 엄마(My 11th Mom, Movie, 2007)

Genre: Drama/Family/melodrama

Released: 2007

Country: Korean

열한번째 엄마 / Yeolhanbeonjjae Eomma / Eleventh Mom / My 11th Mother

Description :

Jae Su leads a cruel life for an 11-year-old. His father is an abusive, gambling and jobless wreck of a guy, so the little boy has learned to survive on his own, carefully spending his food stamps and running a string of part-time jobs.

One day, his father shows up with yet another woman, who once she removes her make-up and wig turns from a bar girl into a tired and disheveled woman that eats up all the food in the house when she's not in deep hibernation.

Jae Su seems to have dealt with all sorts of women, but this one is the worst by far. But even enemies join forces when a mutual opponent threatens, and Jae Su and the woman bond together against the violent abuse of Jae Su's father. But, just when the two lonely souls begin to accept each other as kindred spirits and their deep empathy blooms into familial love, things change.

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