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Murai no Koi (2022)-
Murai no Koi (2022) - Drama

Title: Murai no Koi (2022) 2022

Genre: Comedy/Miniseries/Romance/School

Released: 2022

Country: Japanese

村井の恋 / Murai in Love / Murai's Love / Murai’s Love

Description :

Murai is an introverted young high school student with a look that nobody notices. Long hair, curved gait, he is not really what one could call a beauty canon, nor even a person you want to dwell on... He shyly confesses to the girl he loves, the beautiful and sparkling Tanaka, an inveterate otaku who only has eyes for the characters in her games. However, she simply declines his feelings...

The next morning, Murai comes back to school transformed from head to toe. He has dyed and cut his hair and now wears the style of Tanaka's favourite character! Murai will do everything to seduce her and attract her attention!

Adapted from the manga "Murai no Koi" (村井の恋) by Shima Junta (島順太).

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