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Muean Khon La Fark Fah-
Muean Khon La Fark Fah - Drama

Title: Muean Khon La Fark Fah 2017

Genre: Drama/Family/Romance

Released: 2017

Country: Thailand

Different Like the Sky's Horizon / Like a Different Sky / A Different Sky / Muean Khon La Fark Fa / Meuan Khon La Faak Fah / Meun Kon La Faak Fah /เหมือนคนละฟากฟ้า

Description :

When Yothaka's mother marries Chatcharun's rich father, Chatcharun is not happy. He believes that her and her mother are both gold diggers. Also, Yothaka has just returned from abroad and has a care-free "western" attitude. She is a rebel at heart, while Chatcharun is conservative. Along with believing she is a gold-digger, he also thinks she is "easy". She encourages that misconception just to annoy him. He harasses, she teases. They bicker. A lot.

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