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Mr. Nanny-
Mr. Nanny - Drama

Title: Mr. Nanny 2018

Genre: Drama/Romance

Released: 2018

Country: Chinese

月嫂先生 / Yue Sao Xian Sheng / Mr Nanny

Description :

A story that follows a man who returns from abroad but encounters a troublesome situation. By chance, he meets a single mom and secures himself a job as her after-birth caregiver.

Shen Xin Wei who is exceptional at academics has become a rising star as an educator in North America. He is honest, righteous and principled but he gets framed for something that he did not commit. Out of anger, he leaves his life abroad and returns to China. However, his luck worsens as he runs into more troble such that his day to day living expenses have become a problem.

Na Na is a white-collar worker. Shortly after registering her marriage abroad, she learns that the man she has fallen for has an impending marriage waiting for him in China. She realizes that she's pregnant and just as she prepares to become a single mother, Shen Xin Wei volunteers to be the nanny.

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