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Mr. Hong (2004)-
Mr. Hong (2004) - Movie

Title: Mr. Hong (2004) 2004

Genre: Comedy/melodrama/Romance

Released: 2004

Country: Korean

어디선가 누군가에 무슨일이 생기면 틀림없이 나타난다 홍반장 / Eodiseonga Nugungae Museunili Saengkimyeon Teulrimeobshi Natananda Hong Banjang / Eodiseonga Nugungae Museuniri Saenggimyeon Teullimeopshi Natananda Hong Ban Jang / Mr. Handy

Description :

Hong Doo Shik, there is something special about him. He's a good-looking 31-year-old man who knows everything and knows how to do everything: He's a delivery man for a Chinese restaurant. He's a clerk at a convenience store. And he's even a singer at a live cafe! Yoon Hye Jin is a righteous perfectionist and also a dentist. She gets fired when her 'supposed-to-be-threatening' resignation is accepted by the board. She then moves to a small rural town to open up her own clinic.

But, something about each other draws them closer. First of all, Mr. Handy is a good fighter. He can fight like one of those Matrix characters. Second, he has a warm heart. It seems like he lives in a world that is different from hers. Thus she can't help but think about him. Hye Jin is so damn loud. But sometimes, in a strange way, she sounds like a bird chirping...sounds like rhythmic beats. He can't help but think about her.

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