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Mr. Bad (2022)-
Mr. Bad (2022) - Drama

Title: Mr. Bad (2022) 2022

Genre: Comedy/Fantasy/Neighbours/Romance

Released: 2022

Country: Chinese

我的反派男友 / Wo De Fan Pai Nan You / My Villain Boyfriend

Description :

The love story between the clever and cunning 'Mr. Villain' Xiao Wu Di and a former athlete, Nan Xing.

Nan Xing is a young former athlete who used to participate in discus throws. Physically, she looks like a boy but inside she is full of feminine personalities. She yearns for idol drama-like love stories and is envious of other people’s love. One day, she stands by the wishing pool and throws a coin, hoping that her love story will begin, but what she summons is the great villain, 'Xiao Wu Di' from the novel she has written. Xiao Wu Di is a smart and cunning villain. He starts threatening and blackmailing Nan Xing and forces her to let him live next door to her. They both start living in the same neighborhood, where they are like cats and dogs. Seeing that the long-awaited love story that she was looking forward to, drift away, Nan Xing is desperate. Despite many things that happen, Xiao Wu Di is gradually moved by Nan Xing’s warm spirit and unexpectedly falls in love with her without realizing it.

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