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Morisaki Shoten no Hibi-
Morisaki Shoten no Hibi - Movie

Title: Morisaki Shoten no Hibi 2010

Genre: Drama

Released: 2010

Country: Japanese

Description :

Disappointed by the news that the object of her affection is getting married, Takako (Kikuchi Akiko) quits her job suddenly. She soon receives an offer from her uncle Satoru, who asks for her to come help run his bookstore in Jinbocho; a district of Tokyo with a high concentration of book stores, publishing companies, and distribution warehouses. Thus begins her everyday life at Morisaki Bookstore, where she absorbs the unique atmosphere and meets various quirky customers. Takako hadn’t read many novels in her life, but she finds herself being gradually drawn into the world of second-hand books. As summer turns to fall and winter in Jinbocho, Takako experiences personal growth through introspection and her newfound love of books.

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