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Moonless Dawn-
Moonless Dawn - Movie

Title: Moonless Dawn 2019

Genre: Drama/life/Mature/Psychological

Released: 2019

Country: Japanese

暁闇 / 어둑한새벽 / Gyoan

Description :

Moonless Dawn follows three junior high school students in the midst of such difficulties. Kou is adrift in life, with no sense of purpose or direction, Yuka fills the void inside her by dating strangers she meets on the street, and Saki is stuck in the middle of never ending fights between her parents, unable to feel comfortable at home or in school. For Yuka and Saki, music by their favourite artist is a welcome escape from their everyday lives, until one day it is all taken offline. Without a soundtrack to immerse themselves in, the girls seek out the producer and discover life beyond the music.

Inspired by the music of the band LOWPOPLTD, Harika Abe’s moody, quiet, and dreamy debut feature contrasts the innocence of youth with the disparate reality of life.

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