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Miss Buyer (2022)-
Miss Buyer (2022) - Drama

Title: Miss Buyer (2022) 2022

Genre: Business/Fashion/Romance

Released: 2022

Country: Chinese

买定离手我爱你 / 买手小姐我爱你 / Mai Ding Chi Shou Wo Ai Ni / Mai Shou Xiao Jie Wo Ai Ni

Description :

A story that follows a Shanghai drifter who works her way up the ladder to become an accomplished buyer.

Ding Yi Ke has been down in luck. Despite the fact that she isn't getting any younger, she experiences failures in love and in the workplace. She joins a reality show to prove herself and lands a job at a profession that is completely foreign to her. As a rookie buyer, she clashes with fashion extraordinaire Zhao Mo Yuan. They become instant frenemies but the trials they encounter eventually pave the way for them to find their place in the industry.

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