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Mirai e no 10 Count (2022)-
Mirai e no 10 Count (2022) - Drama

Title: Mirai e no 10 Count (2022) 2022

Genre: Drama/Miniseries/School/Sports/Youth

Released: 2022

Country: Japanese

未来への10カウント / Mirai e no 10 Kaunto / 10 Counts for the Future

Description :

When Kirisawa Shogo was a high school student, he was a brilliant amateur boxer. He won 4 boxing tournaments and he seemed to have a bright future in the sport. During his university student days, he quit the sport of boxing. Life went on for Kirisawa Shogo. But, after his beloved wife died, has life has now become a total mess. He doesn't have any hope or desire to live. He just spends his days working part-time jobs to make a living. One day, his friend asks him to coach the boxing team at the high school where they attended. Kirisawa Shogo accepts the coaching position. Being around the young boxers, who work extremely hard, Kirisawa Shogo begins to feel alive once again.

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