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Memories of the Alhambra-알함브라 궁전의 추억
Memories of the Alhambra - Drama

Title: 알함브라 궁전의 추억(Memories of the Alhambra, Drama, 2018)

Genre: Action/Comedy/melodrama/Murder/Mystery/Romance/Sci-fi/Thriller

Released: 2018

Country: Korean

알함브라 궁전의 추억 / Alhambeura Goongjeonui Chooeok / Memories of Alhambra Palace

Description :

Memories of the Alhambra tells the unique and suspenseful love story of Yoo Jin Woo and Jung Hee Joo.

Strong spirited Yoo Jin Woo is the CEO of an investment company with a degree in engineering and a knack for developing video games. He has an adventurous and competitive spirit. Suffering after his best friend betrays him, he takes a business trip to Granada, Spain in search of the mysterious inventor of an innovative augmented-reality video game. He ends up at a hostel that Jung Hee Joo owns.

Hee Joo is a former classical guitarist who came to Spain to further her studies. After the death of her parents, she takes on various jobs to support herself, including running the old hostel . They are both drawn into a series of strange and unexpected events.

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