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Meiji Kaika: Shinjuro Tanteicho (2020)-
Meiji Kaika: Shinjuro Tanteicho (2020) - Drama

Title: Meiji Kaika: Shinjuro Tanteicho (2020)

Genre: Drama/Historical/Investigation/Suspense

Country: Japanese

Meiji Sherlock Holmes / Meiji Kaika Ango Torimono Jo / 明治開化 安吾捕物帖

Description :

Set during the early Meiji era, Private Detective Shinjuro Yuki returns to Japan from abroad. He is trusted by Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Strange cases take place. Private Detective Shinjuro Yuki attempts to solve the cases. Meanwhile, Rie is the daughter of a powerful business man. She becomes attracted to Shinjuro Yuki.

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