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Master of Demon Subjugation-
Master of Demon Subjugation - Movie

Title: Master of Demon Subjugation 2020

Genre: Action/Fantasy/Historical/Romance

Released: 2020

Country: Chinese

The.Conqueror / 降龙大师:魔龙咒

Description :

Five hundred years ago, Long Xiaotian, the master of the Dragon Palace, was sealed, and his three lives were used to rescue his father. Through the "tearing time and space" skill, he traveled to five hundred years ago to find the father of the seal-Master Jianglong, and obey his father. The killing of Master Dragon Drop kills the seal. Unexpectedly, Long Xiaotian five hundred years ago was a close friend of Master Jianglong, and Sansheng himself gradually developed a different sentiment towards Master Jianglong.

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